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Sports development in Sosnowiec is facilitated by organizations functioning within the city, which conduct statutory activities in the scope of physical culture and sport. There are nearly 60 sports clubs and associations currently functioning in Sosnowiec, including student sports clubs, the Polish Tourist Country-Lovers' Society and the Polish Tatra Society. These clubs and associations organize various classes, such as football, volleyball, basketball, handball, rugby, fencing, athletics, swimming, tennis and table tennis, karate, judo, ju – jitsu, bodybuilding, ice hockey and figure-skating. The fact that two sport championship schools which conduct trainings in volleyball for girls and ice hockey, are located within the city, is also of great importance. It should be emphasised that there are many disabled-focused organizations actively functioning in Sosnowiec. In cooperation with the local authorities, they undertake various initiatives (integration hikes, sports and recreational events, rehabilitation classes, etc.) to the benefit of the disadvantaged people, bearing in mind the therapeutic and integration role of such activities.


Well developed sports base undoubtedly contributes to the popularization of physical activity and sport among the residents of Sosnowiec. This base includes stadiums and sports halls, tennis courts, pitches, gyms, swimming pools, ice rinks and attractive leisure areas like „Stawiki”, „Balaton”, „Leśna” or the all year round opened Ski Centre in „Środula” Park. Sport facilities functioning within the territory of Sosnowiec are being constantly extended and modernized. One of such examples is the Entertainment and Sport Arena situated at Żeromskiego Street, which has been extended by a fencing room. Another example is the People's Stadium where works adjusting the stadium to the first division standards are being currently in their final stage. Investments are also being implemented in the „Żeromski” indoor pool facility. The city is currently holding talks with representatives of the Katowice Coal Holding Group to take over the stadiums at Gałczyńskiego and Braci Mieroszewskich Streets.
Maintenance, use and raising the standard of services offered by the municipal sport facilities require considerable financial outlays. That is why around 3% of the city budgetary resources are allocated for sports and recreation on an annual basis, with the percentage share amounting to as much as 7% in the current year.

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